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Iperius Backup 7.5

Automatically back up files, folders, and entire hard disks to the Cloud
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Iperius Backup is intended to safeguard important information from accidental losses. The application has a nice interface that reflects its workflow. So, with just a little experience, you can manage to use this program without much effort.

Fortunately, there is wizard to help you create a new backup job. At this point, you need to make some decisions regarding source, target and schedule, mainly. The tool supports backing up standard files and folders as well as FTP locations. Likewise, it lets you make copies of various types of databases, like Exchange, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. As destinations, the program allows folders, FTP sites, tape and the Cloud. In this respect, it is good that, besides the developer’s own service, the program supports other popular cloud storage locations, like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3. If you do not want to copy all the contents from the source, you can always set filters and exclude given folders or files.

The backup tasks you create are available from the program’s main screen and can be manually run at any time. Moreover, you can schedule recurrent tasks and forget about running them manually. To complete the automation, the program can send you an email when a task has been completed as well as start selected programs before and after its execution.

An indispensable component of every software of this kind is the possibility of compressing data, and it is good that Iperius Backup is not an exception. Besides, the tool can encrypt the resulting zipped files and protect them with passwords.

A data backup tool would make little sense if it did not allow restoring data when it is needed. Again, this is something that this program supports as well. Luckily, Iperius Backup can also help you recover a crashed system from a bootable disc.

All in all, Iperius Backup is, in my opinion, just another tool in the crowd. It does not have any really outstanding feature and lacks some of the benefits you can get from other similar products. However, it works reliably and causes no complications. It has a free version with probably too many limitations. Then, there are also the desktop and full versions, with many more features and a much higher price.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports copying data to Cloud locations
  • Compresses files and protects them with encryption
  • Allows backing up databases
  • Restores crashed systems
  • Supports automating backup tasks
  • Built-in FTP client


  • The free version has too many limitations
  • Lacks some of the features you can find in the top software of this type
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